1. PHP
    The most popular server scripting language used with web sites. Allows rapid development.
    Many sites still use PHP5 but should be converted to PHP7 for much better security
  2. Javascript
    Used in web pages to make dynamic. Also being used more these days on servers with e.g Nods JS
  3. Java/Tomcat
    Java is a compiled language which combined with the Tomcat application framework provides high-performance server apps
    The layout and presentation code for a web page
  5. Linux
    Most common server Operating system
  6. Apache
    Most common web server
  7. MySQL Databases
    Database engine very popular with small to medium sized web sites
  8. AWS DynamoDB
    A network database provided by Amazon Web Services which is extremely reliable and requires almost zero maintenance
  9. Node JS
    A server technology increasing in popularity. Mini server apps written in Javascript
  10. CodeIgniter
    A modern framework for developing secure PHP web applications
  11. Google Analytics
    Google's solution for measuring web site statistics.
  12. Git
    Source code repository for backup and versioning